Apple had initiated the iWatch in 2011

The Apple watch is not the first wearable in the industry. It’s been a year now since Google’s Android Wear has already been in the market. Thus, Apple’s first wearable which is scheduled to be launched in a couple of moths comes after Pebble and Samsung who have made a number of watches since 2013.

The twist to this reports are that, a New Yorker profile on John Ive, Apple’s design chief has revealed that Apple’s initiation of the watch had begun in 2011. He said that Apple had already started working on the watch from over 3 years before. Now if they would have launched it back then, they would have been the leaders in this field.

Reports claim that the reasons behind the delay of the watch were the disagreements as revealed in an interview. The initiation began during Steve’s death, according to Ive. The watch was conceived back then. He said, after Jobs’ death the executives were ‘’eager to act, in anticipation of grief, market upheaval, and skeptical press.”

Moreover, Cook added that in space of few months after Steve’s death, the company was looking at many different products, including the iPad mini, new iPhones with the screen size ranges varying from 4-inch to 6 inches and then the Watch. The iWatch was incepted back then. The roots of the same were laid down back in 2011.

Marc Newson was a subject to a discussion involving Ive, who himself is a watch collector, began discussing about the Watch’s design with a number of experts. Newson, the Australian designer was hired by Apple last year and had previous experience of working on timepieces for other companies.

Cook wanted Ive to stay at the company. He didn’t want Ive to leave the company. The very reason why he had let Jony Ive continues with the Watch. Furthermore, Ian Parker contemplated, “I had wondered if the watch project, and Ive’s software role, could be seen as a way for Apple to thank and secure Ive.”

Jony has had an illustrious career in the stream and has been involved in the best of works. He had always been interested in doing luxurious products. But in order to work it out with Apple, he had to make a compelling case before the company and he succeeded. The reason why Cook was compelled to make him stay with the Cupertino based firm.

Meanwhile, a hardware engineer at Apple who was previously a Senior VP of Technologies, Bob Mansfield said that the company recalls “a lot of resistance,” in the Watch development.

Moreover back then, the executives of firm weren’t confident that whether the Watch would work out as they weren’t confident about the right way to display the Watch in stores. The cost is expected to cost around $349, while the highest variant is expected to go up to $4,000. Mansfield stress his concerns that how Apple was worried that they would end up creating a rift between the wealthy and less wealthy customers.