How ALEXA Build and create Backlinks

TRUE ALEXA and GOOGLE building backlinks for me,today i am going to teach you how you can use google and Alexa to build and create backlinks for your website.

We are all aware of the fact that success of any website depends on the number of factors upon which backlinks have very important role.the more number of backlinks you have the more popular your website will be and more traffic you would gain.even matt cut a google official engineer also says that google search engine indexes a webpage upon various factors including i think you have understood the level of backlinks for the success of any business and i think next thing that is in your mind is “how to create backlinks” and lots of questions similar like this as “How To Build Backlinks””How To Create Backlinks fast “ and many more similar like this.
I have already told that this blog is all about “GOOGLE SECRETS” so for sure today i am going to explain how to use ALEXA and GOOGLE to create and build backlink for your website and blog.


Every one knows about ALEXA as ALEXA RANK determines the success of any website and Only ALEXA can give you exact information about any website and any blog.people use Alexa only for the website information and age of website .but in reality ALEXA is much more than that.the only thing is you need to know the power of Alexa for the success of your can use ALEXA to create and build backlinks for your website.i have been using this service of Alexa for many of my blogs and website and believe me I have got success and i knew about various resources which were hidden but ALEXA explored all those things for me.


Now in this article you will get the answer of your question which is “how to create Backlinks for website”
Ok so first tell me which website you like most ,it can be a weird question but you will know by the end of this article how beneficial your liking can be for the success of your website and blog.ok so i teach you now in steps.
(1) Choose the best website like Techcrunch and Santabanta:
Yes if you love any website or you think a website is very successful than simply go to that website and copy its domain name( or any other that you wish .
(2) Go to
Now you have to visit now in the search terms type the domain name of your favorite website
or just copy paste the domain name in the search box.and you are able to see all the details of that you can see entity like:
(3) Hit site linking in:
Yes when you will hit site linking in you will be able to see how many sites are pointing to that particular website and how many linking or say giving backlink to that site.these are the original websites and blogs list that are linking to that website.
(4) Copy all Link Location:
In order to create backlink first you need to copy all those link location one by one and open them in the new is the interesting point.after opening in new tab that shows backlinks that your favorite website has acquired because of any other website that manually added them and gave them backlinks but it is because of by developer or writer himself which he made through posting at secret places which have a very good page rank .and those are like:
  • Google questions and answers
  • Yahoo questions and answers
  • Discussion board
  • Sites which give website information
  • Comments and many other like this.
(5) Create and Build Backlink:
Now you have got the perfect place with the good page rank so it is time to build and make backlink.simply follow the footsteps of a successful website so that in future you can also be visit every link location and generate the backlink in the same way as your favourite and successful website made.
But remember there are may other things that you need to keep in mind which are more essential than the backlink and they are the perfect META TAGS and proper placement of meta tag also you need to put the right and seo friendly meta tag in your code so if you want to know the secrets of meta tag click and view this article Use Google Insights,zeitgeist to create,use,build meta tags,content,article and world search..
(6)How to get easily get indexed by Google:
There are two important things to get indexed by the Google in short period of time
First is your backlinks.
Second is frequency of updates of your blog.
I have explained you how to easily generate create and build backlinks for your website now if you want to learn that how many times you need to update your website or your blog than click this one of the best article which explains when you can get indexed by google in even one day is the link How imporant is the frequency of updates on blog..
(7)What after Backlink?
Very simple if lots of websites giving you backlink now it is your time to get on the top of google.and earn money and getting to the top of google is not a easy tsk despite it demands a smart work not hard work .i made a research paper and case study which will show you all the possible and perfect resources and ways to get you on the top and front page of the google with live examples.i am running an entertainment blog also in that one of our post named as cell phone signatures is on the front page of google in just two months so in this article i have explained all the tricks and tips that i used to get it on the top and front page of the google.this is my secret work which i am exploring in front of the and visit if you want to see your blog on the front page of google we are on the first page of google in two months.
(8)Get affiliated.
Well you have backlinks and you are on the first page o google and also having good traffic so its time now for you to get the maximum benefit from your website and blog.lots of people are generating a high amount of income through their blog or website.but it works only in one condition when you are connected and affiliated with the real and trusty resources otherwise there are lots of scam if you have real and trustworthy resources than you can also be very rich like others so if seriously you want to learn about how to make money online with real and trustworthy resources than read this article Make money online with real and trustworthy resources after reading this article you will be earning a lot of money i bet you and i am sure about it.
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OnePlus X launched in India at 16999, Specification

In this fast world there are lot of inventions and introduction are made by people day by day. There is lot of technical advancement which helps people to live a happy life. Computer and internet are the major things which change the lifestyle of people. With the introduction of computer people can able to relieve from their work tension. They can complete their most of their work in computer and it makes their work easy and fast. People can communicate with person from other corner of the world with the support of internet. People are enjoying lot of advantages with the invention of internet. Online trade and business become more popular and many people are doing online business. People are using internet to know every details. They can learn everything with the help of internet.


Individuals those who have internet with them can live alone without any one. They can learn and do lot of things with the help of internet. After the introduction of mobile phone distance is not a problem for human. They can talk with their beloved ones whenever they like. It is possible on internet that people can see their loved ones and they can talk with them. Most of the people those who are working in abroad can communicate with their family through Skype, Gmail talk and so on. The whole family needs to sit in front of the computer and they can talk with their son or husband. Day by day there is lots of advancement in technology.

Introduction of Smart and Android phones

People everyone in the home need to talk with their loved ones. If they like to talk any personal things it is not possible with others. There is lot of advantages on internet but people need to sit in front of their computer or laptop for using the internet connection. Many business people are using internet connection for video call and conference call. They like to avoid going foreign countries for attending meeting. They can able to attend meetings through video call. For all this they need to sit in front of computer or laptop. People those who are in travelling or admitted for hospital it is not possible for them to have their computer. They need to Miss Lot of things on that time. Most of the people have tight work schedule and they need to follow up their clients and customers. If they have computer and net connection they can handle the entire tough situation.

Most of the people are completing online education and they can work at home. They can able to complete their education and at the same time they can earn from home. For all this they need their net connection. Individuals can buy and sell anything through online and they no need to waste their precious time for travelling to the retail shop. In most of the malls and retail shops the crowd is huge. In mall they need to find place for parking their vehicle and they need to face lot of difficulties for shopping. If they order all things in online they can get everything at their doorstep. People no need to worry about anything. If they have money they can order everything through online.

Importance of Android and smart phones

It is not possible for everyone to buy computer but they can buy mobile phone. We can see 99% of people are using mobile phones and most of them are using the Android and iPhone. They can use it as computer there are lot of facilities available in mobile phones. One of the most important thing is they can take their mobile phone anywhere. They can use additional apps in their mobile phones and many companies are introducing new versions and models of mobile phone. One of the latest mobile introduced is by Oneplus. They are launching their 3 smart phones Oneplus X with 5 inch display. People like to buy the smart phone by 5 inches then only they can easily use their smart phone for watching videos and for playing games. Most of the smart phone is costly and if they have more facilities in the smart phone the rate will be go for more than 20 thousand. But in this new version of smart phone they are offering for affordable rate. OnePlus X With 5-Inch Display, 3GB of RAM Launched at Rs. 16999. This price is less than the OnePlus One and OnePlus Two. It has dual sim so people no need to have two phones with them. They can use their both sim in the same mobile.

Features of the phone

It has 16GB in built storage and hybrid dual sim slot. The second slot can be usable for MicroSD cards. It has front and back camera. The back camera 13 mega pixel camera with flashf/2.2 aperture and for front camera it has 8 mega pixel with flash f/2.4 aperture. It has 2525mAh non removable battery. It does not have finger print censor and the weight for onyx variant is 138 grams. And the weigh for ceramic is 160 grams. There are many connectivity options are available like WiFi, Micro USB, FM radio and Indian 4GLTE bands. The company also introduces the OnePlus Radio app with icon in ear headphones.

A mobile case plays a major role and most of the people like to buy variety of cases for their mobile phone. The case will give a nice look for the phone. Some of the cases available for OnePlus X are Bamboo, Rosewood, Sandstone, Black Apricot and Karbon. This product will be launched in India by November. People are very eager to buy this latest version. Now a day’s people are using mobile phones for taking photos and this front camera will be useful for them to take selfie. The most important app in mobile phone is the watsup which is not available in computer. They can see the news of the mobile features and launching date in their Mobile Phone.

Apple seeks dismissal of A123 lawsuit over alleged employee poaching

It is a simple law of nature. Everyone craves for the best. Like it or not. Show it or not. You have to go all out to get the best pack in the market. Thus in order to get the best you have to pay the best. Apple just did that. In order to make the employees jump ship, the Cupertino based form offered them an attractive offer. They ,managed to convince five employees working at the  A123 Systems to come work for them.


However, Apple’s policy of hiring the best employees just backfired as the A123 systems is not happy with Apple’s alleged poaching of their employees. For the very reason, A123 systems has recently filed a lawsuit against Apple. They have filed a lawsuit alleging that the employees who were poached by Apple had certain conditions in their contract which would prevent their employees from joining competing companies.

Apple’s hiring of these A123 Systems’ employees meant that the tech giants have violated an agreement that they had in place with respect to the hiring of these employees. Moreover, the employees under this act have been employed by Apple to work within the company at a new battery division.

Apple is a direct competitor of A123 Systems’ as the A123 System works on batteries and energy solutions. It is obviously visible that Apple must be feeling the heat and thus to take over the reigns if there are any held by A123, Apple certainly wanted to minimize its presence by employing best of the companies’ employees.

The company further shared their grievance by quoting that since these  five employees left, they have been unable to employ qualified employees of their same stature with leadership quality. Thus this has drastically effected the companies projects and ultimately all of this led to leaving the projects on the dead in the water.

Furthermore when the investigation took place. It was found that there were exchanges of e-mails between the staff members and Apple’s recruiters. Thus it the allegedly poaching of the employees seems very much imminent. It leaves Apple red faced as they have been involved in these matters more than couple of times now. Recently, Apple was trying to lure Tesla’s employees to work with the Cupertino company, where they might get a presumable excellence in developing company’s rumored electric car.

Whether it was true or not? It is for sure that Apple has had its eyes set on the best in the business and does not shy away from luring them to their company. A dangerous and considerable worrying point for the best in the business, has they have to stay alert as it’s imminent that when Apple comes calling, you employees will hardly be the same. That’s how it has always been.

Apple had initiated the iWatch in 2011

The Apple watch is not the first wearable in the industry. It’s been a year now since Google’s Android Wear has already been in the market. Thus, Apple’s first wearable which is scheduled to be launched in a couple of moths comes after Pebble and Samsung who have made a number of watches since 2013.

The twist to this reports are that, a New Yorker profile on John Ive, Apple’s design chief has revealed that Apple’s initiation of the watch had begun in 2011. He said that Apple had already started working on the watch from over 3 years before. Now if they would have launched it back then, they would have been the leaders in this field.

Reports claim that the reasons behind the delay of the watch were the disagreements as revealed in an interview. The initiation began during Steve’s death, according to Ive. The watch was conceived back then. He said, after Jobs’ death the executives were ‘’eager to act, in anticipation of grief, market upheaval, and skeptical press.”

Moreover, Cook added that in space of few months after Steve’s death, the company was looking at many different products, including the iPad mini, new iPhones with the screen size ranges varying from 4-inch to 6 inches and then the Watch. The iWatch was incepted back then. The roots of the same were laid down back in 2011.

Marc Newson was a subject to a discussion involving Ive, who himself is a watch collector, began discussing about the Watch’s design with a number of experts. Newson, the Australian designer was hired by Apple last year and had previous experience of working on timepieces for other companies.

Cook wanted Ive to stay at the company. He didn’t want Ive to leave the company. The very reason why he had let Jony Ive continues with the Watch. Furthermore, Ian Parker contemplated, “I had wondered if the watch project, and Ive’s software role, could be seen as a way for Apple to thank and secure Ive.”

Jony has had an illustrious career in the stream and has been involved in the best of works. He had always been interested in doing luxurious products. But in order to work it out with Apple, he had to make a compelling case before the company and he succeeded. The reason why Cook was compelled to make him stay with the Cupertino based firm.

Meanwhile, a hardware engineer at Apple who was previously a Senior VP of Technologies, Bob Mansfield said that the company recalls “a lot of resistance,” in the Watch development.

Moreover back then, the executives of firm weren’t confident that whether the Watch would work out as they weren’t confident about the right way to display the Watch in stores. The cost is expected to cost around $349, while the highest variant is expected to go up to $4,000. Mansfield stress his concerns that how Apple was worried that they would end up creating a rift between the wealthy and less wealthy customers.